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"Interrupted Melody" Pt. I , Pt. II - (1955)
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Coming on the heels of two Oscar nominations for Best Actress, 1950 and 1951, MGM and Eleanor Parker plunged into what this writer believes is the definitive role of her career--and her third and incredibly, final Oscar nomination.

"Interrupted Melody,"
1955 based on the autobiography of Australian opera singer, Marjorie Lawrence, is also in this writer's opinion one of the best, if not the best film production of an operatic nature.
Having initially picked MGM actress Greer Garson and musical star, Kathryn Grayson for the role of Marjorie Lawrence, Eleanor Parker won hands down as being the most qualified actress to portray Marjorie Lawrence.

Although appearing in a mere 1.5 minutes on the screen, opera singer Ms. Eileen Farrell graciously insisted to singing without any on screen credit when the real Marjorie Lawrence could not physically submit to the rigors of film production.
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