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"Interrupted Melody" Pt. I, Pt.II - (1955)
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Not only is "Interrupted Melody" a tour de force performance by Eleanor Parker, the film also had exceptional screenplay writing which earned co-Oscars for the screenwriters, William Ludwig and Sonya Levien, Oscar nods for costumes by Helen Rose, spectacular set designs and worthy mention for make-up artistry by MGM’s William J. Tuttle.

This is not a motion picture to be miss
To say that "Interrupted Melody" is anything less than the definitive operatic screen classic is an understatement if there ever was one.

On many points, it defies description as Eleanor Parker, who could not sing a note of opera, brilliantly does the ultimate lip synching routine that has ever been seen on celluloid.

Even Eileen Farrell, the "real voice" behind the voice admitted that she had never seen such dedication as that of Eleanor Parker's when the actress would rush back and forth between another movie that she was filming at the time to scrutinize and meticulously observe every movement, facial expression and stance of Eileen Farrell as she performed the arias on an MGM sound studio.
Having secluded herself in a cabin at Lake Arrowhead, Eleanor Parker learned nearly 26 arias in a two weeks span in the most challenging role of her acting career--without even knowing what language she was singing in.

One example of Parker's dedication to the role was when she was required to crawl along the floor resulting in bleeding knees and other superficial scrapes to her body.

In the end, suffering a collapse from exhaution, Eleanor Parker was rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment.
The great William Olvis and Eleanor Parker In Bizet's "Carmen"
Eleanor in Puccini's "Madame Butterfly"
Eleanor and Glenn Ford in the "crawling" scene
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