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"The Woman In White" - (1948)
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The Synopsis is a rather complicated one with a balletic plot and subplots interlaced throughout; however, thankfully, Hollywood knew of the public's limited memory span in some cases, and screenwriter Stephen Moorhouse Avery and Director Peter Godfrey decided on a shorter, less complex adaptation for the screen.
If there's one thing that we can all be indebted to Hollywood, it's the fact they it made so many literary classics available to us in the under the guise of film making.

Furthermore, Hollywood knew the sound of box office cash registers were in the works with stage plays and classics such as Wilkie Collins' great literary Victorian mystery, "The Woman In White." Several times made into a movie before 1948, Warner Bros. decided it was time to take another swing at it by going into production for what this writer considers a mini-classic masterpiece on celluloid.

The Cast: Alexis Smith, Eleanor Parker in a dual role, Gig Young, Sidney Greenstreet, Agnes Moorhead, John Abbot and John Emery make this gem shine ever brighter.
Truthfully, I had never heard of this
unsung gem of a literary classic, but
in doing research for this website on
EleanorForever, I landed on the
Turner Classic Movie entry for this
motion picture. There I was able to
both see clips of the film, and hear a
portion of the musical score by the
great composer of so many motion
pictures, Max Steiner himself. "King
Kong," "Casablanca," "The Treasure of
the Sierra Madre," "Caged" and so
many other memorable scores--
including the unforgettable, iconic
"Gone With The Wind," are all attributed
to this legendary composer.

Once I heard it, and viewed the clips, I said to myself, "My God, I've got to get this!"  And now, I write this partial film review on "The Woman In White."
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