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Mini-Synopsis: In one early example of identity theft in films, two look-alike blood cousins, and a third distant cousin, battle against the vicious Count Fosco and his accomplice in crime, Sir Percival Glyde. Both fiends scheme to first marry one cousin, the beautiful, wealthy Laura Fairlie, and then kill her off to gain her massive inheritance.

But first, they must rid themselves of her iilegitimate cousin, Anne Catherick, whom they have connived to put into a mental institution. Why? She knows of their intent; and she escapes with a mission to warn her cousin Laura before she marries.

The Players:

Alexis Smith was the "official" star of the movie as the third cousin, "Marian," when time came to promote the film with posters and handbills, it was Eleanor Parker's name that got top billing, something that more than likely, didn't amuse Alexis Smith.

With the possible exception of
Gig Young, who gave a rather anemic performance, as I believe so did Ms. Smith, the rest of the cast were in top form.

Sydney Greenstreet, Agnes Moorhead, John Abbott, John Emery and last of all, but definitely not the least, Ms. Eleanor Parker.

It was on Eleanor's shoulders that the burden for carrying the film truly rested as she played a dual role: "Anne Catherick," and her beautiful almost identical blood cousin, the rich "Laura Fairlie."
Alexis Smith As "Marian"
John Abbott As
"Uncle Fairlie"
Gig Young and Eleanor Parker As "Walter and Laura"
Sydney Greenstreet As "Count Fosco"
The Woman In White - 123, 4
The Woman In White - 123, 4