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Eleanor Parker
As "Laura Fairlie"
The Crew:
Peter Godrey: Director
This has to be Peter Godfrey's finest moment on film. While not all of his works are steller, "Escape Me Never" comes to this writer's mind, he showed brilliance in this motion picture. He not only knew how to construct shots, but he also knew how to move his players as if on a giant chessboard. He almost had a perfect production with minor exceptions.
John Moorehouse Avery: Screenwriter
Kudos to this notable screenwriter and Godfrey the director. They took a rather complicated maze of plots and subplots and made them both palatable and understandable for average audiences.

Only one question in this writer's mind. Why were the three cousins not left as half sisters as in the original novel of Wilkie Collins? Oh, well...I suppose it's a matter of artistic liberty.

George Southam: Set Design

The moody, fog-filled, eerie sets by George Southam, added to this movie’s impact. Bordering on noir, the black and white film, and its sets, were in many ways groundbreaking. The shadowy effects were both spooky and appealing, if you can imagine the contradiction in terms.
Max Steiner: Composer
Read more on this great composer here.
The gowns worn by Ms. Alexis Smith were rather compliant with the plain almost  dowdy character that she played. Designed and credited to Milo Anderson, they paled in comparison to the splendid gowns worn by Agnes Moorehead as the Countess Fosco and Eleanor Parker as Laura Fairlie. These were simply mesmerizing and exquisite.

Perc Westmore: Makeup Artist

Two years before the phenomenal transformational scenes of “Caged,” Perc Westmore was really at work trying to make Eleanor’s “Anne Catherick” and “Laura Fairlie” look almost but not quite identical. After all, they were simply first blood cousins and not half sisters as in the original Wilkie Collins novel.
Milo Anderson and Bernard Newman: Specialty Gowns and Wardrobe
Eleanor Parker
and Alexis
As "Laura Fairlie"
Eleanor Parker
As "Laura Fairlie"
Agnes Moorhead As "The Countess Fosco"
The Woman In White - 123, 4
The Woman In White - 123, 4