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Having come from three generations of accomplished painters, pianists, educators, businessmen and professional photographers in pre-Castro Havana, the arts, and especially cinematography, are in this writer's bloodline.

Just as recently as this 2016,
a series of events that can only be described as spiritual and supernatural in nature took place, and Beverly Anne Sanchez rediscovered the acting genius of Ms. Eleanor Parker. Being somewhat acquainted with several of her earlier films, a heart-felt desire to research, review and then write about this God-gifted actress was put into motion. It is to her that I publish this ongoing online dedication to her personally, her work and some of her values as best as could be determined. 

For a number of years as a published online writer, film commentator, independent publisher and sometimes photographer, this writer has longed to see certain things happen throughout the film industry as you can read below...
To many, the so-called "Golden Age of Hollywood" is long gone and never to be resurrected. Rome had its "glory," and Greece had its "golden age," but neither Rome nor Greece ceased to exist. They simply morphed into something else.

Hollywood, or the motion picture industry, continues
today; however, now it takes on a different and less glamorous role. Be it as it is, talent is talent, and artistic endeavors never cease. Now it's up to upcoming generations to somehow make up for what "golden" Hollywood,  with its greed and corruption, ruined.
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Eleanor Parker and youngest son Paul Day Clemens
Eleanor Parker and grandson
Chasen Parker
Hopefully, publishing this Internet presentation of one of Hollywood's brightest stars and its greatest actress, younger film makers, such as her own youngest son, Paul Day Clemens and grandson, Chasen Parker, son of her eldest son Richard Parker, will carry on with the proverbial torch, so to speak. It's also hoped that other generations can enjoy and evaluate an era when motion pictures were a vibrant experience to be lived by all, and films were considered as a true art form.

May today's film makers go on to produce films that
not only will make a difference, but will be the difference. In so doing, may they contribute to bringing positive transformation to this darkened world that so badly needs to see the Light. All Rights Reserved. 2016-2020 
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