As this writer comes to this important part of the website, dedicated to the great and legendary actress Eleanor Parker, I have to say that I only approach writing these comments with a sense that I have no right to do so--without having first seen the full spectrum of all her works. Just as an art critic perplexes in trying to decide which Renoir is the better masterpiece, a similar situation confronts this writer as to this actress' best role. Her performances were all flawless inspite of many times being cast in films not quite up to her caliber and range of acting.

Having only rediscovered the acting genius of this so-talented an artist
, for she was an artist as well as a technician of first rank, I have not yet found nor bought all of the videos, DVDs and other archived media which I know are "out there." Simply put, many works have not yet been made public to the millions of her followers, film critics and film historians across the globe. You see, dear reader, the acting skills which she consistently demonstrated, her decisive intelligence and her classic, finely chiseled, patrician-like beauty remain world-renowned until this very day.

That being said, I have selected certainly not the motion pictures in which she appeared which are my predilections, but only the ones that I've seen, reviewed and in this writer's opinion, reveal her dramatic prowness to the utmost. In short, this writer believes that the roles that are mentioned,  no matter the final film time alloted to her scenes, or the comments made by her critics, are her best among her near 100 film accreditations. As other films in their entirety become available, this writer will be adding them to this section. For now, this film commentator begins with the following roles--both in motion pictures and in television performances as well:

Motion Picture Performances Pending My Review or Not Yet Available

"Of Human Bondage" - (1946)                                       
Caged" - (1950) I, II
"The Voice Of The Turtle"- (1947) a/k/a "One For The Book"
"The Woman In White" - (1948) III, III, IV
      "Interrupted Melody" - I, II (1955)
"The Man With The Golden Arm" - (1955)
"Lizzie" - (1957) [Still not reviewed]
      "The Sound of Music" - (1965) [Still not reviewed]
Scaramouche" - (1952)

Television Performances: [All reviews are still pending]
  "The Eleventh Hour: Why Am I Grown So Cold?" - (1963)
        "Seven Miles of Bad Road" - (1963)
        "Bracken's World" S01- (1969-1970)
        "Vega$: “A Deadly Victim” S3, Ep.6 - (1980)

Comedy 1, 2, 3
TV Perform.  1, 2
Her Style 1 2
Other Notable
Parker Sites
"A Millionaire For Christy" - (1951)
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