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Groundbreaking on several points, the transformation of "Marie Allen" from a frightened, naive teenager into a hard core inmate bent on getting out at all costs, remains a compelling seamlessly melded social commentary even after all these years.

Filmed on 1949, "Caged" also precipitated censorhip battles that initiated future changes in the Production Code Authority or the PCA.
Despite  three Oscar loses, studio head Jack Warner, was statisfied with a prestege motion picture, that proved profitable at the box office and a "tour de force" performance by Eleanor Parker.
Makeup Department:

Myrl Stoltz, hair stylist
Ed Voight, makeup artist
Perc artist
"Caged"  1,   2
The First Oscar Nod

                              Always prepared, Eleanor Parker in this movie gave what could be considered
                              the finest performance of her career up to this time. To describe it as anything less than
                              a "tour de "force would be almost a sacrilege. It was a stupendous performance
                              any way that you cut it, and the same can be said for the rest of the supporting
                              cast as well.

                                    A Brief Synopsis:

                              Accused as an accomplice in a failed armed-robbery attempt by her now dead husband,
                              innocent, naive 19-year old Marie Allen, (Eleanor Parker), arrives at the Women’s
                              Correctional Institution--two months pregnant. Inside, repeat and life offenders,
                              along with the beleaguered, kind prison warden, Benton, (Agnes Moorehead) and her
                              arch-nemesis, sadistic Guard Harper, (Hope Emerson) await completion of their time
                              in the penal system.

The Cast:

Eleanor Parker, Hope Emerson, Agnes Moorhead, Jan Sterling, Jane Darwell

The Crew:

Director John Cromwell, Co-Screenwriters: Bernard C. Schoenfeld and Virginia Kellogg,
Music: Max Steiner, Makeup: Perc Westmore, Cinematography: Carl E. Guthrie and
Sets: Charles H. Clarke

Oscar Nominations (3) Separate Categories:

Eleanor Parker for
Best Actress, Hope Emerson for Best Supporting Actress,
Best Picture of the Year

Awards Won:

No Oscars won for "Caged"
Eleanor Parker awarded the
Volpi Cup from the
Venice Film Festival "Best Actress in the World," 195
Screen writer, Virginia Kellogg, who went undercover in a real facility for women, later admitted that she later carried a gun resulting from her traumatizing experience among women inmates.
Generally considered by many as the definitive, serious women's penal system movie, "Caged" remains today the finest film of its time and even today.
Eleanor Parker Receiving the Certification Notice of Her Merited Volpi Cup "Best Actress In The World" Award from the Venice Film Festival, 1950