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In the Bible, it plainly says in Proverb 17:22  that: " A joyful heart is good medicine,  but depression drains one’s strength." As a very pleasant surprise to audiences during these, the Golden Years of Hollywood, audiences and critics alike discovered that not only was Eleanor Parker an actress of the first order in heavier, more intense roles, but she was also a top-flight comedy actress as well.
Of special mention, we'll note her top-most comedy roles in timeless funny bone classics such as "Never Say Goodbye," "A Millionaire For Christy," "Many Rivers To Cross" and her most brilliant light comedy piece, as well as the most critically acclaimed of all, "The Voice of the Turtle."

Ms. Parker was known among her peers for her sense of humor as well as for her knack for playing jokes. Indeed, this is what surfacs in the light comedy, "Never Say Goodbye"co-starring with none other than matinee idol Errol Flynn himself. A supporting actor in the film as well, Forrest Tucker ironically played opposite her in a TV "Love Boat" episode in much later years in "A Dress To Remember" S5, Ep. 28; (1982)
"Never Say Goodbye" 1946; A Brief Synopsis: A young, recently divorced couple played by Eleanor Parker and Errol Flynn want desperately to reconcile, and their 8-year old little girl decides it's up to her and a 6'5" Marine on leave to help them do it! H-m-m-m. Unfortunately, everyone makes all the wrong moves.  A strong supporting cast with Forrest Tucker as the Marine and the always hilarious S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall ads to the zany comedy. It's Christmas time in NYC and three bungling Santas don't help any. Please check out Eleanor's and Tucker's really mean rhumba. It's better than you'd think--and I should know, I'm Cuban. Witty, well-paced and up-to-par script-writing makes this a perfect holiday treat.
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