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"Many Rivers To Cross" 1955; Brief Synopsis: Frontier wits versus a tomboy-ish like Calamity Jane expertly played by the most gorgeoulsy talented frontiers woman there ever was: our Eleanor Parker. A handsome Robert Taylor doesn't have marriage on his radar--but Mary Stuart does. Well-written, witty and fast-paced as well, sit back and slap your knees in glee as the chemistry between both stars both mesmerizes and ignites. Eleanor Parker is not only an intense dramatic actress when the part calls for it, but she's an extremely mobile and physical comedy actress as well with impecable timing that's so vital in making a comedy film. She swims better than does Robert Taylor, fights, shoots guns and snaps a bull whip with precision, rolls in the dirt, gets dunked in a horse trough and so much more--all for the sake of trapping the man that she loves.

In being the tomboy her role demanded of her in this film, she somehow manages to pull it off with a touch of class that's unimaginable for a frontier woman. Bravo Parker! You should have gotten another nomination for this one alone!
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Comedy 1, 2, 3
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