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"The Voice of The Turtle" 1947, a/k/a "One For The Book," is perhaps Eleanor Parker's most polished and brilliant comedy piece.  She in effect owns the film along with good, decent guy Roland Reagon and smart,  wise-cracking, man-crazy Eve Arden by her side. They all play masterfully off each other, and with each other, in their respective roles. Eleanor Parker's performance as the lovelorn Sally Middleton, in love with love, demonstrated once more her adeptness at playing just about anything that was thrown at her during those early, formative Warner Bros years. I must concur with the late, famed gossip columnist, Hedda Hopper, "Eleanor Parker can play anything; her timing is perfect."

Her wholesome naivete wanting to remain, wholesome, so to speak, and her portrayal of wanting desperately to avoid the inevitable, that she's once more fallen in love, is a real gem. In this writer's opinion, this
is Ms. parker's finest light comedy role and sets the stage for the later "A Millionaire
For Christy" and the following, hilarious  "
Many Rivers To Cross."

Charming, innocently sexy and showing once more her remarkable ability to tackle
whatever genre she approached, she dove into the role with both precision and
ballectic penache. Interestingly, it was Reagan, along with several others, that first
vehemently opposed casting Parker for the role. Years later, he admitted that  he
had to work especially hard just to  keep up to par with her acting ability.

Based on the passion-filled Biblical verse from the Song of Songs in Chapter 2, verses 11-12
, we can look forward to times when the dead winter finally goes away from our lives and spring returns--it is a promise!

                 "For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; The flowers appear in the earth; The time of
                  the singing of birds is come and the Voice of the turtle is heard in the land."
One standout comic moment is when Sally Middleton struggles to get her dress off. When it does finally come off, it drops to the floor leaving Sally painfully embarrassed in her revealed underslip. Both co-stars, particularly suited for each other in this film, display mesmerizing charm as their chemistry is obvious and flows out to our hearts....
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