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This website dedicated to the great Eleanor Parker is incomplete, I believe, without examining other aspects that made up her artistic work. Other than offering a detailed synopsis of her films which are already available in plentitude throughout the Internet, this writer prefers to instead focus on the following:
1. Her Incomparable Mobility
            2. Her Signature Styles:
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Her Professionalism and Character
            4. Her Great Beauty
            5. Her Voice: Elocution and Intonations [to be reviewed]
            6. The Body Movements and Bearing [to be reviewed]

In the words of the director Edmund Goulding,[director of "Of Human
Bondage",1946]:  "She's the best actress we've had since Garbo!"
"That girl [Eleanor Parker] is going far if she's given a chance. She is a
great actress, and I hope her beauty doesn't stand in her way."
He further went on to say that Parker "one of the five greatest actresses in
America." [Unfortunately, he didn't elaborate as to whether he meant in the movies at that time, 1946, or in the movies and on stage as well.]

Director H. Bruce Humberstone [who directed her in "Madison Avenue"] said, "she was the type of actor that could make any director look good."  Privately, among other directors in Hollywood, she was known as "one-take Parker." That's all it took with her, just one take.

Oscar winning director
Robert Wise [director of "Three Secrets," "West Side Story," "The Day The Earth Stood Still" and "The Sound of Music," among many others, referred to Parker as "an artist of the first rank."
All of these factors help make up the sum of this acting dynamo that made her, this writer believes, the greatest actress of her epoque, there I said it! Not one of the greatest, but the greatest actress of her era and a true artist! There's a world of difference between being the greatest motion picture star and the greatest actress...a world of difference.

This I base on the above criteria and not on this writer's particular preferences. The reader is free to disagree based on their individual likes or dislikes, however, I'll stand by what was just stated. All Rights Fully Reserved. 2016-2020 
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