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"The Woman In White" released in 1948; Brief Synopsis: The original and ultimate forceful identity theft endured by two beautiful cousins--identical look-alikes. A most effective screen adaptation of the timeless Victorian classic by Wilkie Collins. Which cousin lies in the coffin? Is it Anne or is it Laura?
While these are not all of the roles Ms. Parker played that depicted a woman going "over her edge" of sanity, they are, this writer believes, some of her better roles in this genre.
"Lizzie" released in 1957; Brief Synopsis: Two personalities vying for dominance and a third trying to emerge. Which one wins? Released several months before the award-winning "The Three Faces of Eve," this is one of several of Ms. Parker's "should have gotten at least a nod" performances.
"Home For The Holidays" released in 1972; Brief Synopsis: A unique, spooky Christmas story.  Four daughters gather for the holidays to visit their ailing father.  Trouble is that each one is getting killed off, and only Eleanor remains with the youngest--Sally Field.
Eleventh Hour: "Why Am I Grown So Cold?" TV episode released in 1963; An Emmy Award Best Actress Nomination For A Single Performance; Brief Synopsis: A woman under going psychotic episodes from a childhood rape, is treated for alcholism by an unlicensed therapist.