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Peter O'Toole
The year 2013 was a particularly devastating one for Hollywood. In one breath, in one instant, a whirlwind blew through this thoroughly authentic American institution, and six of its brightest and best stars had their lights extinguished. And with their lights, some of our lights went out as well.

Though the magical weaving of their artistic tapestries
, they helped see the nation not only through world wars, but other national calamities as well. One little star in particular, a little girl with bouncing, blonde curls, even helped us go through the Great Depression and into future sunnier days.

Today, quite frankly, what has Hollywood to offer?
Darkness, depravity, hopelessness, nothing admirable really and sinking ever lower into the abyss of filth and corruption. After Meryl Streep leaves, what actor or actress of note is there really?

Is this writer down on Hollywood?
Not at all. As stated before, I dedicate this website not only to Eleanor Parker, the greatest actress of Hollywood's Golden Era and one of its major stars, but to future generations of film makers who have a match-sized flame ignited in them and are ready to infuse us all in these ever darkening times across the planet.

Shirley Temple, Joan Fontaine, Eleanor Parker, Julie Harris, Peter O'Toole and Esther Williams--all gone from us in one year. In one month alone, three of them vanished from before our very eyes. It's almost too much to bear. What happened? Why did it happen all at once?

Through their artistic endeavors, they spun a web of magic. Because of them, and so many other outstanding film makers, we could believe in the impossible. They were and continue being our mentors through the many films they created and have left us behind. We were inspired, we were elevated and we strove to be better people than what we are. 

We beseech you Hollywood, rise up once again, and raise our hearts with you. Yes, to Eleanor Parker and so many others, we love you, we honor you, we miss you
but most of all, we thank you. May you all find peace in the Arms of the Eternal One.

Shirley Temple
Joan Fontaine
Esther Williams
Eleanor Parker
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