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The Internet, like much of the world of entertainment/media, is a jungle. It can be a place of great blessing, or it can be a place to not turn your back, or let down your guard.

Today, the malcontents, disenfranchised and just plain nut-cases who enjoy going to the social media and posting their feeble-minded rants stalk the Internet at an all-time high.

Being that there's no legislation or government watch-dog to follow through on any slanderous or libelous claims, much gets pass effective scrutiny. That being said, I'll go on record as saying that I'm against censorship of any kind except in cases where irreparable harm has been done. Mostly, we can choose to ignore or overlook those participating in this kind of reprehensible behavior, or we can choose to shine the Light into the darkness, and strive to set an example.

As a writer, I struggled with whether to even publish this page and this topic; however, I couldn't ignore some of the things that I read posted over several blogs that mentioned Eleanor Parker and were being "cut n' pasted" over and over again from one blog to another over the Internet.

Wanting to set the record straight from any further lies, innuendos or myths, I decided to go ahead, and publish this section of "
Myths Debunked."

1) Eleanor Parker was a

2) Eleanor Parker died in poverty living in a one-room apartment.

3) Eleanor Parker married Jews to further her career in Hollywood, and she herself was Jewish.

4) Eleanor Parker was never a major star.

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