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Presently, this writer has counted nearly 100 individual YouTube video presentations dedicated to this great actress. Moreover, the internet is replete with a few hundred blogs with mention of this well-celebrated lady. However, the internet is vast, interminable and sprawling. So to this end was one reason that this website was published--to honor someone well deserving in the history of motion pictures--all in one place.

That being said, I've listed several blogs and YouTube presentations that I consider outstanding and worthy of mention in rendering tribute to Eleanor Parker. If you run across other sites worth mentioning, please send a comment via here.

Blogs With Noted Eleanor Parker Postings:

Eleanor Parker 2010 Interview:
A rare and revealing interview given by Ms. Parker to Noir
City Sentinel publisher/editor, Alan K. Rode in 2010.

Alan K. Rode  A combo website and blog dedicated to the art of film noir. One of the finest on the Internet, in this writer's opinion.
Eleanor-Parker: A sensitive, thorough and very well-researched blog full of articles, commentaries and newspaper cuttings spanning this actress's film career.
A Classic Movie Blog: An excellent review of some of her notable films.
Tumblar-Eleanor Parker: Easily, a one-stop center for just about every photo ever taken of Eleanor--well almost. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!
Outstanding Reference Articles, Reviews, eBooks And Radio Interviews On Eleanor Parker
Mr. Greg Ferrar:
"One For The Book" a/k/a "The Voice Of The Turtle"
Eleanor Parker Radio Interview With Dick Dinman
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