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In my little collection recently begun, I have videos and DVDs in not only her native English, but in Spanish, Italian, Portugese and Greek among other languages. All across the globe, whether in the Southeast Asian region in Thailand or in Vienna, everyone who entered a movie theatre knew of and acknowledged her extraordinary acting talent.
"Never Say Goodbye"  1946
It's only been three years since the passing of this most notable person, Eleanor Parker. Known throughout the world for not only her great beauty, her prowness as an actress of the first order and her humility in an environment that many times sucks the blood from those participating in its industry, this Internet website invites visitors to view some of her nearly 100 works produced for the cinema during what is commonly known as "The Golden Age of Hollywood" and afterwards.

Innately gifted by her Creator
with a talent for first the theatre, then the cinema and finally, the television platform, Eleanor Parker easily flowed from one genre to another, and as she did, she graced the hearts of countless of millions of people by her brilliant performances. This is no exaggeration.
To Eleanor Parker then, is this site dedicated. It's hoped that as you view some of her best works, evaluate her acting style, learn of some her personal insights as best as can be verified, future generations of passionate cinema artists will be encouraged and activated to not only make a difference, but be that difference in a world so badly needing change.
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To first-time visitors, it behooves on this writer to say that there was, and still, is a great difference between a Hollywood "super," "mega," "super-mega star" or whatever superlative is dreamed up by an  over eager, desperate publicist--and that of a serious actor or actress of the rank and caliber of Eleanor Parker. Yes, she was a  major star in Hollywood's "Golden" era, but not the greatest as concocted by the studio back-office, or worse yet, by the actress herself. This was not her trajectory nor her style. She simply wanted to act; this she did above and beyond what many others had to offer. For this, her admirers and fans the world over are ever grateful.
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