TV Perform.  1, 2
Comedy  1,  2,  3
Anger: "Home From The Hill" 1960. A beautiful wife holding out on her philandering husband. What is the outcome in this production of pent-up and unfullfilled passions? Super-strong co-star performances by Robert Mitchum add to the smoldering volcano.
A Flair For The Comedic: "Scaramouche" 1952. Based on the novel by Rafael Sabatini, this is one extraordinary showcase for Parker that combined her adept comedic style without neglecting any of her other perfectly sculptured dramatic qualities.
The Sensual: "The Naked Jungle" 1954 with Charlton Heston is one film to get your hormones going. An uninitiated but verile plantation owner sends for a "mail-order" bride and gets, guess who? A ravishing widow, she knows just what keys to play - but the piano needs a little tuning first.
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