Eleanor Parker's Professionalism And Character

As a professional, and in the character which she personally displayed, we can only use one word - impeccable! Always on time and always prepared for any eventuality, Ms. Parker never left anyone holding the proverbial bag.

While she did break a record of sorts, being suspended from Warner Bros. on several occasions, [a practice done by actors when there was dissatisfaction with the quality of roles being given them], and she did leave after a full first season on "Bracken's World," it was always because of some breach of integrity on the other party's side. Even so, she managed to earn a nomination for the 1970 Golden Globe Award as Best TV Actress Drama for "Bracken's World."

                                           Never displaying temperament, irritability, impatience or saying an unkind
                                    word about her colleagues or anyone really, only an injustice done to another
                                    could provoke some semblance of discontent on her part. Some that worked
                                    with Ms. Parker said they experienced a sense "of peace" that would come
                                    over the set when she was on it.

                                    One gentlemen I interviewed remembered that as a youngster one day, he
                                    visited his father, an assistant camera man, on the set of "Between Two
                                    Worlds." Even at that early part of her career, he said, the young, rising
                                    starlet was a vision of loveliness and kindness.
At other times, as in her Oscar-nominated and Best Actress Venice Film Festival award-winning performance in "Caged," she was said to have earned the respect and admiration of those who worked with her. In a whisper, the voices of others would at times lower to a hush on her entering the studio set.

Others, such as Patricia Neal, were on record as saying, She had the most delightfully wicked sense of humor. No one could make me laugh the way Eleanor could. What a wonderful legacy to leave her fans as well as to her family. Still others, such as Eleanor's stunt woman for some scenes in later years, Martha Crawford Cantarini, had other memories of Ms. Parker which begin in the seond half part of the referenced page. Don't miss her thoughts as they give further insight into Ms. Parker's character.

True to her word
, and to the integrity that drove this epitome of a true leading lady of motion pictures, Ms. Parker believed in making as less a commotion as possible - be it about her film experiences or her personal life. Discretion, as far as she could manage, was part of her value system.

Once quoted as saying, "Ive prided myself on not dreaming up tales just to see my name in print," she truly lived up to her words. While many in the industry engaged in an endless sequence of scandals, invented or otherwise, gimmicks, endless cheesecake photo ops at the beach and questionable publicity stunts, she preferred to sit back and attend to the first priority in her life - her family.

I think having a child is closely akin to the work of an actress. Both are creative functions. Having a child is the most wonderful thing that can happen; it gives you a great thrill to know that you are giving life to another person. That creativeness is bound to show in your work.
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