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Myth or Lie # 1: Eleanor Parker Was A Recluse. 

Because of her insistance in maintaining her privacy, and not having an interest in the overall notorious PR antics of this industry, this actress simply passed on engaging in an unnecessary and exaggerated social life.  This being said, she knew her responsibilities to the public as an actress and did her part to fulfill those responsibilities when called on--above and beyond what was expected from her.

She helped christen rail trains.                                  She did the obligatory at-the-beach photo op. She also attended baptisms and worship services                                 both at churches and synagogues. She also went to parties, weddings, anniversaries and                                     just about any other normal social event that any motion picture star, or average person,                               normally would have attended or attends.

Wait, it doesn't stop
there!                                   In addition, she went to Oscar, Emmy and
Golden Globe rehearsals and all                                ceremony presentations for herself--as well
as in behalf of others.

                                  Oh, yes. She also participated during WWII in behalf of her country and in
                                  the famous Hollywood Canteen events for our servicemen and service
                                  women. She traveled extensivily abroad for location shots and vacationed
                                  with her brood that included sons Paul and Richard and her daughters,
                                  Sharon and Susan
. So, this is a recluse?

                                  What she didn't do, for the most part, was liberally give interviews;
                                  the reasons for which this writer can only speculate and lament. What a
                                  treasury of experience, wisdom and acting expertise could have been gleaned from this
                                  magnificent grand dame of films. Perhaps, she had a real fear of speaking in
                                  public. This is almost unimaginable with her perfect diction, professionally trained voice
                                  vocabulary and articulation.

                                      Perhaps she was simply using caution
fully knowing what Hollywood gossip
                                      columnists and faux film critics were capable of doing to an actor's career and personal
                                      life as well. Thankfully, we do have one revealing and very interesting interview which
                                      was given to noted film critic
Mr. Alan K. Rode in 2010 and is available for your reading at                                   online Noir City Sentinel. You can see how utterly beautiful and radiant she looked at
                                      this noir event circa 2008 standing alongside Alan. You can also read more on his Alan's                            
definitive website of everything noir. We're waiting for your latest book, Alan, on legendary
                                      film director, Michael Curtiz.

According to one local real estate Palm Springs article, she was said to be a
                                     "notorious recluse" and "night owl" who drew her curtains during the day. Let me go on
                                      record by saying that I live in South Florida, and the Florida sun's heat is just a little too much for this writer--even with central air conditioning. Many times I prefer to work at night when there are less interruptions. Moreover, I also draw blinds during the day, and I can assure you that I'm no celebrity.

Attempts to label Ms. Parker as a recluse are mean-spirited, unfair and totally unwarranted. Whatever her reasons, one thing is for sure, she, Eleanor Parker, who had given so much for others, was now entitled to her privacy in her later years.
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