Nominations Awards
Comedy  1,  2, 3
"An American Dream" 1966; a/k/a "See You In Hell, Darling," Brief Synopsis: A news commentator throws his out-of-control alcoholic wife over a high-rise balcony and takes the rest of the movie with her. Wildest drunk scene ever as Eleanor co-starred with Stuart Whitman.
"Warning Shot" 1967; Brief Synopsis: A detective, David Janssen, races to clear himself of murder charges, but no one cares--including the victim's tipsey wife. One of the best drunken scenes ever filmed by a camera.
Vega$ "A Deadly Victim" 1980; SE03, Epi.6; A Brief Synopsis: A former attorney, now an alcoholic vagrant, witnesses a mob-hit--and now they're after her too!  A poignantly touching, class act in itself.
"Come closer, Mr. Valens. I don't have my contact lenses today."
[Writer's Note:] Sometimes, I've come across some doozies of commentaries as I've carried out research on this extraoridinarily gifted actress. One person seriously asked whether she had recently suffered a stroke since she was slurring through her lines. Oh please.  She was portraying an alcoholic. Most alcoholics I've heard do slur their words, don't they? For more outrageous comments, please stay tuned...
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