Nominations Awards
Comedy  1,  2, 3
"An American Dream" 1966; a/k/a "See You In Hell, Darling," Brief Synopsis: A news commentator throws his out-of-control alcoholic wife over a high-rise balcony and takes the rest of the movie with her. Wildest drunk scene ever as Eleanor co-starred with Stuart Whitman.
"Warning Shot" 1967; Brief Synopsis: A detective, David Janssen, races to clear himself of murder charges, but no one cares--including the victim's tipsey wife. One of the best drunken scenes ever filmed by a camera.
Vega$ "A Deadly Victim" 1980; SE03, Epi.6; A Brief Synopsis: A former attorney, now an alcoholic vagrant, witnesses a mob-hit--and now they're after her too!  A poignantly touching, class act in itself.
"Come closer, Mr. Valens. I don't have my contact lenses today."
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Her Style 12
Eleventh Hour: "Why Am I Grown So Cold?"  An Emmy Award Nomination for Best Actress-In A Single Performance, 1962 A Brief Synopsis: A childhood rape victim with psychotic episodes is being treated by an uncertified quack therapist as an alcoholic.