TV Perform. 12
TV Perform. 12
Her  Style 12
Comedy  1,  2, 3
Made For Television-Pt.2
The Love Boat
A Dress To Remember"
S5, Ep. 28; (1982)
The Love Boat
"The Alaskan Wedding"
S3, Ep. 1 and 2; (1979)
Below are provided just some of the many roles of her television career appearances. In this writer's estimation, they entailed some her best overall performances.
More will be added as they become available
Fantasy Island
[The 1977 pilot film for the series that ensued
is currently unavailable--
I'm on it though!
Murder She Wrote
"Stage Stuck"
With Angela Lansbury
S3, Ep.10; (1986)
Bracken's World
S1, Ep.1-15; (1969-1970)
"The Deadly Victim"
S3, Ep.6; (1980)
Hawaii 5-0
"The Big Aloha"
S10, Ep.13; (1978)
Kraft Suspense Theatre
"Knight's Gambit"
With Roger Smith
S1, Ep.20; (1964)
Bob Hope Presents
The Chrysler Theater
"Seven Miles Of Bad Road"

S1, Ep.3; (1963)
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