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This heart-warming and brilliantly enacted movie is simply, "One for the Book." If you need to have hope rise up once again in your life, then put a smile back on your face, and hear "The Voice of the Turtledove" once again in your land.
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Ronald Reagan and Eleanor Parker
                                                  Having not yet finished with the stunning 5-year, 1,557-performance hit stage
                                                  comedy by John William Van Druten, "The Voice of the Turtle," Hollywood in 1947
                                                  began its search for the star lead in its own movie adaptation of the romantic hit
There was only one problem: no one seemed to want Eleanor Parker as
                                                  the lead character, Sally Middleton--not even the male lead, Ronald Reagan.
                                                  In his autobiography, he later admitting that from the first scene he had with               .                                                 with  Ms. Parker, he realized that he would have to work extra hard to keep up
                                                  with her highly-gifted talents.  Their resulting scenes can only be described as a
                                                  delight and a classic example of effective, film chemistry between two lead players.

                                                   "You're very sweet. I don't know what goes on in that funny little head
                                                     of yours, but you're very sweet."

Despite of not having an "A-list" cast of players,
what resulted was a stellar performance by not only Eleanor Parker but the other supporting actors as well including Ronald Reagan and Eve Arden. They were all magnificent. If ever there was an unsung gem produced by Warner Bros., then "The Voice of the Turtle" a/k/a "One for the Book," is it.

Although at first possessing what seemed
to be an incredible level of naivete,
Parker rose to the occasion in her role and ended up owning the movie. Her distinct,
lovely, speaking voice, one of the most highly trained and recognized in Hollywood,
was perfectly modulated for her scenes with the ever, wise-cracking
Eve Arden.

When finally released in 1948,
Parker was no longer a talented up and coming
Instead, Hollywood discovered a new Eleanor Parker and a new, full-pledged
star at Warner Bros. Completely captivating, her role's portrayal comes across as a
seductive, yet charmingly playful kitten not fully knowing what to do with her ball
of wool.

                                                     The scenes where she so precisely
folds her sofa bed blanket, several times
                                                     too many, and struggles to
unzip her dress, without letting Bill Page
                                                     (Ronald Reagan) know about her difficulties, border on being classics and not
                                                     repeated until the unforgetable Lucille Ball did this very routine many years later
                                                     on "I Love Lucy." If you ever get to catch a film dedicated to Hollywood bloopers
                                                     on YouTube, or elsewhere, you'll see not one, not two but several takes before
                                                     the zipper finally unzips in one of Hollywood's first unintentional wardrobe