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Hollywood's affinity for putting Eleanor Parker in a wheelchair was demonstrated at least three times during her career. In "Interrupted Melody" 1955, Hollywood's take on the life tragedy that overtook soprano Marjorie Lawrence on contacting polio at the height of her operatic career, Eleanor Parker eloquently mastered wheelchair navigation.
Iconic movie producer Otto Preminger was evidently so impressed with her performance in this Oscar-nominated Best Actress Award movie, that he called for her to co-star with Frank Sinatra in the precursor classic of seedy noir addiction movies, "The Man With The Golden Arm." As the character of "Zosh," a faux wheelchair-bound car accident victim, movie critics and audiences alike applauded her riveting and poignant performance.  
While Eleanor Parker never gave less than a flawless performance, sadly, some movies she ended up playing in were many times implausible and not up to par with her range of acting ability. Such was the case with "The Eye of the Cat." Nevertheless, she rose to the occasion each time.
"Interrupted Melody" 1955
So much so, that many in the industry openly expressed that if Parker had not been nominated for Best Actress in "Interrupted Melody" in 1955, she would have gotten a second nomination for TMWTGA that same year. A sure double home run, Hollywood once again missed an opportunity to bat even a single as far as most outstanding performances were concerned.
"Eye of The Cat" 1969
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